Meditation with Colors

Colors can have amazing effect on our mind and body. From ancient times, they have been used for physical and emotional healing. According to Ayurveda, there are seven chakras situated in the body along the spine. These chakras are energy centers of our body, reflecting different frequencies of light and energy. Each organ in the body relates to chakra and each chakra is associated with a color. Meditation with these colors could be used to restore and maintain well-being.



There are several ways to meditate with colors. One of the ways is to meditate on three dimensional neurobic images. Dr. BK Chandra Shekhar, inventor of SIGFA 3rd eye healing concept, has developed seven colored 3D neurobic images which are powerful tools for meditation and healing. And he says, concentration on two-dimensional objects may lead to distraction but concentration on three-dimensional objects helps the mind to focus. These seven 3-D images have their graphics and textures in colors with hidden images to hold the focus of the mind.


Another method is guided meditation with imagination of seven colors. It is also called rainbow meditation or color shower.


Meditate with colors and re-balance your life.



Disclaimer – The article is about general effects of colors. Please consult your doctor for cure of a specific illness.

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